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CEO's Message

As you might be aware by now, GN Bank formerly (First National Savings and Loans Company Ltd) has stormed the Financial Industry with a number of Products and enhanced Services all with the view to satisfy the banking needs of our valued Customers.

We are doing this at a time that we have received the Universal Banking Licence from Bank of Ghana. My message therefore to you is, if you are a customer be assured of better Services and more Products. If you are not a customer yet, then rush to any of our over 200 locations that we have spread over the 10 regions in the country. Certainly, GN Bank has its Market Niche and will be the "Best Big Bank" by the end of 2016.

Patrick Anumel - CEO

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Our Products and Services

Wo Daakye

Individuals who want to set aside some funds for future use and take care of children and family.

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Transport Loan

Designed for members of registered and recognized Transport, Construction and Mining associations or unions in Ghana. .

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Diaspora Account

The Diaspora Account allows Ghanaians living abroad to open either a savings or current account with GN Bank..

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Current Account

The current account is for customers so you do not have to carry large amounts of cash on you everywhere to transact business. .

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GN Bank Savings Account

Helping grow your money with 9% interest per annum + Ghc1000.00 life insurance cover!.

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Fixed Deposit

If you have any amount for which you do not have any use for now or you simply wish to invest.

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Western Union

Western Union is an international money transfer product used to remit funds to individuals across the world..

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Ria Money Transfer

Ria provides world class money transfer services.

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At the heart of MoneyGram is a mission to bring loved ones closer. .

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Sika Plus

Transfer money locally, through GN Bank branches nationwide.

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Designed for: Cash withdrawals, Printing of mini statements, Checking balances, Inter Accounts Money Transfer.

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This is a network of ATMs enabling customers to transact business regardless of the bank that issued the card..

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GN Bank Susu Account

Provides security and safety for Individuals and small scale enterprise wishing to keep their funds in banks and access a loan without collateral..

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M-POS simply means Mobile Point Of Sales..

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First Alert SMS Banking

This is banking on your phone.

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Mobile Banking Vans and Mobile Bankers

The Mobile Banking Vans are our banking on wheels component. .

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Farmer Based Loan

Products made available for professionals in the agricultural sector .

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Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Loan

Loans to individuals, companies and enterprises for any declared legal purposes..

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Susu Loan

Financing for small sized projects or on personal basis.

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First Net Banking

Internet based banking services giving you the ability to operate your bank account at any time and anywhere..

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First Ride Loan

This product is designed for both customers and non-customers to enable them purchase a vehicle for personal use..

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Government Payroll Loan

If You are a nurse, teacher, or any government worker, we have a loan for you!.

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Payroll Based Loan

Facilities granted to salaried staff of recognized institutions.

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Trade Finance

Providing Trade Finance solutions.

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Foreign Currency Account

Allows for opening of accounts in foreign currencies.

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Foreign Exchange Account

This account is funded internally from cash lodgements or credits from other foreign exchange accounts in Ghana or inward remittances..

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Inward Remittances

Customers with both local and foreign accounts can receive remittances into their accounts without any restriction..

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Swift Code

We offer SWIFT services and are connected with major banks in various parts of the world.

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Correspondent Banks

GN Bank partners with the world class financial institutions to enable our customers conveniently conduct transactions even outside Ghana..

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Student Loan Trust Fund Payment

Now you can pay your SLTF loan at any of GN Bank location Nationwide.

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Kiddy Save Account

Kiddy Save Account is available to individuals, less than 18 years of age. The Kiddy Save Account is held in trust for a child by the parent or guardian, until the child attains 18 years the account is converted into an account which can be operated by an adult..

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e-zwich Card

The e-zwich payment card system is an innovative method for improving accessibility to banking and retail services in Ghana. The e-zwich system offers Deposit taking financial institutions .

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GN BANK Student Account

It is a depository account with exiting features specifically designed for students in the Second-Cycle and Tertiary institutions. .

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GN Bank has over 200 locations in all regions and districts nationwide, and still counting ...

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