Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposit is a specific sum of money deposited in a financial institution for a fixed term earning a pre-agreed interest rate.
If you have any amount for which you do not have any use for now or you simply wish to invest in a Bank where your funds will be safe, secure and earn you higher interest, open a Fixed deposit with GN bank.


  •  Fixed Deposit certificates are issued
  •  Upon maturity of the fixed deposits, the customer’s account is automatically credited with the principal amount and the interest
  •  The customer can roll-over the principal and interest for the next term.
  •  Depending on the amount of deposits, the rate charged is negotiable
  •  Interest is calculated daily
  •  Interest is calculated daily
  •  High interest rates are paid
  • No bank charges

F. How to Apply

  •  Completion of the relevant application form as provided by the Bank
  •  Submission of the Fixed Deposit funds

……… invest & live a hassle free life – live your life in comfort.